Saturday, 10 March 2018

New Website

Just to let you know that we are at present working on our new website. So if any pages don't appear, you know why

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Guys Sea Strike 16

The other day, Guy sent in this top photo of his Sea Strike 16 that he built !!
"Hi Mark, Good to catch up the other day. This is a drone shot while fishing in the bay last Sunday"
What an awesome photo !!
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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Adam, his Sea Strike 16 and his Blue Fin Tuna

Its been a while now since Adam launched his Sea Strike 16 that he built. Living down at Sydney, Adam loves fishing outside, even venturing 30 nautical miles offshore chasing Tuna/ Kingfish and other predator species.
Adam writes:
30 nautical miles offshore, cubing Bluefin off Sydney- September 2017. My first SBT. Pretty stoked. 
Poor old mate was pretty crook, but he pulled through in the end. 24Kg outfit ,150lb trace 9/0 circle and the Sea Strike 16 I built

Here's another video that he took as well, this time fishing for Kingfish

Top One Mate. Looking forward to more of  your videos
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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Markos and his Sea Strike 18 from Greece

Its great to hear from Markos from Greece and his recent launching of his Sea Strike 18 that he built. What a excellent job he did building her, to say the least. 

He writes:
After several months of pleasant work with my brother, it's time to launch. The SEA STRIKE 18 is perfect. She has perfect behavior and sailing in the sea. 

I thank Mark for the plans and the rest of the group for the ideas and encourage that they give each one of us during the time of the build. Now is time for the next boat build to make the winter pleasant....The MAGNUM 12

Here's a few photo's and a video he sent of his launching.
Awesome !!

Its great to see yet another Sea Strike 18 on the water !!
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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Just thought I'd throw a few photo's up that I just received from Jason & Roger and their Pro Tournament 24 "Hectic" which they built . 
So far they've regularly hitting over 100 kph + or 55 kts +, with outboards clear of the water by a 1 metre+, as they're airborne heading offshore to they're fishing grounds in Northern NSW. 
Jason reckons that there's nothing out there boat wise that catches them. Everything is in their wake. LOL 

Top one Roger and Jason. Your boat looks totally sick mate !!
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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Darren's Tropic 14

The Tropic series is turning out to be a very popular boat for those that love to fish the estuaries and Mangroves, chasing Barramundi/ Mangrove Jack and other such species. Darren who's a avid Barra fisherman and crabber, built the Tropic 14 for just this.

Finally splashed "True Grit" today . The reason I built the Tropic 14 was because I wanted a good Barra boat with a custom layout, as I wanted it I fish a lot down the port and mouth of the river and, the high sides will be excellent in that bloody chop. Extremely happy with the final result and performance

Top one Darren. Your boat looks awesome mate !!

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Ians EdgeTracker 426

Its great to see yet another launching this week, this time from Ian and his EdgeTracker 426.
He writes:
Eleven months ago I started on a journey to build a boat. A Bowdidge Marine Designs - EdgeTracker 426.
Today is the day that journey has ended and a new one begins.
I must say it was a daunting challenge that I have enjoyed from th
e get go.
Thanks go to my family who allowed me to spend countless hours in the shed to all hours and helping at times. The Designer Mark Bowdidge for his encouragement and no nonsense approach and guidance.
Steven Andrich aka Hooksie who spent many an hour building the boat with me, nutting things out and ensuring a high quality standard. The boys at BMD FB who understand the process and helping with advice.
What a buzz it will be to get her on the water.
Time for a lot of fishing and fun times.

She has been SPLASHED. 
I was very nervous on the day. Hooksie and I took her to a well sheltered marina that we knew would quite to provide us with time to mess around and become comfortable. We then motored out a few km's and fished in 16m of water picking up a couple of pinkies, flathead, a shovel nose shark and a banjo before the wind picked up.
We sort shelter along the cliff face trolling for salmon with metal lures. Picked up half a dozen and dropped a few more. We had a blast. 
What a fantastic little fishing boat I have.

Congratulations on your build on launching Ian !! Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future with more fishing adventure photo's and videos.
Top One !!!!

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Interesting Comments From The Boy's and their boats !!!

Geoff from Vic writes about his Sea Strike 16:
I just did something in my SS 16 today that I had wanted to try but did it completely by accident in a rush today.
I left the bung out and spent 3 1/2 hours cruising and towing a double ski tube and only found out that I had left the bung out when I put the boat on the trailer.
The bilge area and kill tank would have flooded. 
Two interesting observations:

1) Even with a load equivalent to 3-4 adults in the boat depending what I had on the tube as I have to include them when calculating my boat loading, the boat handled as good as ever. At one point I was standing on the rear deck helping an adult back into the boat so nearly 200kg right at the back corner of the boat was stable. I even was inspected by the water police during this time. They didn't notice anything wrong with the boat and I didn't know about the issue until later.
2) The 75 etec handled the extra weight well. I did notice it sluggish getting on the plane when we had two big adults on the tube and two other adults and 2 kids in the boat. But the engine did slowly get us, the tube and extra water up on the plane.

Once again a big thumbs up to Mark and his designs and a good case for adequate flotation. I am not advocating other boat owners to try this just relating an experience I had with my boat and backing up Mark Bowdidge and his boats.
As for Sozza and his Sea Strike 18... well he writes:

I've had the same experience in the SS18 Geoff. Flooded the bilge, fuel tank cavity and kill tank with 4 on board. Water level was still around 2 inches below the sole  .
 Love my floating Bowdidge boat!
And finally there's Hendrick and his Broadwater 5.1 from WA:

Same on the bw5.1 flooded the entire keel line didn't notice until I took the boat out and a mate commented on the continues flow of water from the bung. PS I also had both kill tanks flooded silly me... good thing BMD is idiot proof!!
So I guess it just shows, that even if you leave your bung out, you can have a great day's fishing and have nothing to worry about. Just make sure you don't forget next time.. LOL
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