Friday, 12 January 2018

Interesting Comments From The Boy's and their boats !!!

Geoff from Vic writes about his Sea Strike 16:
I just did something in my SS 16 today that I had wanted to try but did it completely by accident in a rush today.
I left the bung out and spent 3 1/2 hours cruising and towing a double ski tube and only found out that I had left the bung out when I put the boat on the trailer.
The bilge area and kill tank would have flooded. 
Two interesting observations:

1) Even with a load equivalent to 3-4 adults in the boat depending what I had on the tube as I have to include them when calculating my boat loading, the boat handled as good as ever. At one point I was standing on the rear deck helping an adult back into the boat so nearly 200kg right at the back corner of the boat was stable. I even was inspected by the water police during this time. They didn't notice anything wrong with the boat and I didn't know about the issue until later.
2) The 75 etec handled the extra weight well. I did notice it sluggish getting on the plane when we had two big adults on the tube and two other adults and 2 kids in the boat. But the engine did slowly get us, the tube and extra water up on the plane.

Once again a big thumbs up to Mark and his designs and a good case for adequate flotation. I am not advocating other boat owners to try this just relating an experience I had with my boat and backing up Mark Bowdidge and his boats.
As for Sozza and his Sea Strike 18... well he writes:

I've had the same experience in the SS18 Geoff. Flooded the bilge, fuel tank cavity and kill tank with 4 on board. Water level was still around 2 inches below the sole  .
 Love my floating Bowdidge boat!
And finally there's Hendrick and his Broadwater 5.1 from WA:

Same on the bw5.1 flooded the entire keel line didn't notice until I took the boat out and a mate commented on the continues flow of water from the bung. PS I also had both kill tanks flooded silly me... good thing BMD is idiot proof!!
So I guess it just shows, that even if you leave your bung out, you can have a great day's fishing and have nothing to worry about. Just make sure you don't forget next time.. LOL
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